Wasim Akram’s Wife Shaniera: I am thinking you go to work to talk about cricket But…

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Married couple who belong to different religions, cultures and countries, face the ups and down in their life. Because it is very difference in their culture and ideology.

However, Wasim Akram who marry to Australian model are living joyful life. And this couple has proved that, despite the difference in ideologies and cultures, can be live happily.

Shaniera Akram belong to Australia and she was married in 2013. After which both of them are now happily living. And they do not ashamed to show love in front of people.

Recently, Wasim Akram told a hilarious story during talking in PTV’s program. He said that two years ago we went to relative’s house for eat lunch. Where we served with Kapooray (goat’s testicles but his wife confused, she thought that is mushrooms.

Wasim Akram told that, I did not stop to Shaniera to eat Kapooray at that time. But later I told him that, what was that, then she so surprised. After heard the story of Wasim Akram audience laughed uncontrollably.

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Wasim Akram’s wife Shaniera also respond to Waseem’s video on social media site twitter and made the following tweet.

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