Waqar Zaka visited to syria(Aleppo) And Exposed The False Propaganda


While rest of the world celebrated New Year with their friends,families and their love, But Waqar zaka from Pakistan celebrate his new year with the inhabitants of Syria(Aleppo).

Pakistani (daredevil) , human rights activist and artist Waqar Zaka visited  to Syria(Aleppo) from Pakistan , to  spend his  new year 2017 with the helpless and hopeless people.

Source: facebook.com

However , a very unexpected, Waqar Zaka’s upload his first video from Syria(Aleppo) his youtube channel,that  has raised thousand of questions on actuality of  the leading news wire agencies of the world and including the news channels, And Waqar Zaka may have exposed the false propaganda going on in Aleppo, Syria.

Here Is the Waqar Zaka video from Aleppo, Syria Upload His Youtube Channel..

In this video, Waqar Zaka told about people of syria that would recommend that Syria is presently a crisis area.He told that there are  no tanks, no forces, no gunshots, no debris of buildings. Waqar, claims that viral news from syria (Aleppo) not have reality, and this might be a big propaganda.


waqar zaka in aleppo syriaSource: facebook.com

In this video, Waqar zaka distributing cash to people in Aleppo syria, people that have ran from war zone and settled near Kilis.Waqar zaka gave 40000 pkr to a  family for use their  regularly expenses and also gave 90000 pkr to a girl who needed  for eye  operation.Waqar said , the present issues in syria Aleppo are same to the people in Pakistan that are poor.

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