Shahid Afridi Will Join The Ramadan Transmission On Ary Digital This Year In Shan-E-Ramzan In Place Of Late Junaid Jamshed

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Shahid Afridi decided to become part of TV program “Shan-E-Ramzan”.

ARY News reported that Pakistan’s cricket team’s Ex captain Shahid Afridi has decided to become part of “Shan-E-Ramzan” transmission after the death of Junaid Jamshed which begin in the month of Ramzan. Waseem Badami and Iqrar Ul Hassan will also perform hosting duties in this program.

Program Shan e Ramzan’s shooting has been started. Hosted Waseem Badami has issued a video message on the occasion of promo recording. In which he expressed condolences to losing Junaid Jamshed and said it is the law of nature.

Waseem Badami also has a big announcement that, because caravan of goodness keeps moves, so this year proud of Pakistan Shahid Khan Afridi will be part of our program in place of our brother Late Junaid Jamshed.

Iqrar Ul Hassan will also part of Shan e Ramzan. He announced that, that proud of Pakistan Shahid Afridi will present with us in the program under the banner of (Shahid Afridi Foundation) and he will move forward the good work.

Shahid Afridi issued a special message to his fans and said that, understand the importance of Ramzan spend it well and stay with love. And help us for which purpose program Shan e Ramzan is being started.

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