12 Shararatein Or Prank That All Pakistani Has Done In Childhood

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All of we sometimes miss those days when we were child and used to be innocent pranks. We used to a cute little water bottle around our neck instead of an office tie , and a colorful lunchbox with our favorite cartoon character in our hands instead of a file.

Here we have a list of our chilhood best memories and pranks/Shararatein

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1. Bell baja ke bhaagna

We can never forget those moment when we ringing our neighbor’s door bell and then running the speed of light and was enjoyed a lot with afraid.

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2. Dial Random Phone Number Using Our PTCL

We made up random PTCL numbers and if this dial successfully we did a victory dance every time..

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3. Trying to ” call a bhoot “

All of  we needed was a pencil, paper and a bottle glass/cap to made perfect equipment in which a bhoot or jinn would definitely visit you.

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4. Electric current waali book or bubble gum

We all definitely try “Electric current waali book or bubble gum” to get an electric shock and then our reaction was hilarious.

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5. Conference Calling Random Mobile Numbers From Our Mobile Phone

A few years later, we were upgraded to cell phone from the PTCL phone, that came with the option of conference calls and also with free call packages that made you  virtually gather with your cousins or friends and dial number of someone late at night and tease them lame jokes.

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6. Pointing jharron waali gun at other

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7. The lame one liners

Me: Bolo pencil?

Friend: Pencil

Me: Tumhari shaadi cancel. Hehehe

We thought these were so funny.

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Me: Bolo PIA

Friend: PIA

Then Me slapping friend : Thappar khaaiye

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8. Calling Random People On The Road And Telling Them That Their Tire Is Punctured

You enjoyed doing this when the people looked down at their tire , we used to laugh.

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9. Stink bombs

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10. Patakha Prank

Who can forget Patakha or bomb, and the enjoyed of watching someone explosion sudden jump in the air.


11. Stabbing others with the fake springy knife

You stabbing yourselves with the fake springy knife and then laughing at your worried expressions. Doing this joke with our mom, it meant a flying chappal.


12. To Convey Secret Messages Using This Invisible Pen to your Crush.


We fooling our crush by giving them an empty paper and then telling them on this paper is a secret message only for you and then shining the light then show the message and then watching them looking so impressed.


Write comment below other pranks or Shararatein you did in your childhood.

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