Pakistani University Has Issued Notification That, Bed Sharing is Strictly Prohibiting in Girls Hostels.

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Most of the Pakistani students get admission in university which is situated in another city. For that reason, they have to stay in a hostel which is away from their city. Living in a hostel is an adventure but there is also have to face the bitter realities.

There are a lot of things in front of the students living in hostels, which are enough to surprise them. But a University of Islamabad administration has issued notification for the girls living in the hostel which is very confusing.

International Islamic University

International Islamic University Islamabad has issued notification for girls living in a hostel ban on sleeping on the same bed with their sister or friend. Which has surprised to everyone.

University said in a notification issued on 20 April 2017..

Bed Sharing

“All hostel boarders are informed that bed sharing is strictly prohibited in girls hostels. Any student found sharing a bed with her friends/sisters (sleeping, sitting in one blanket/bedspread) will be charged heavy fine.  Hostel boarders are directed to keep proper/reasonable distance between their beds (at least 2 feet)”


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