Pakistani Girl Finally Got Married To Her Indian Boyfriend In Dubai 2016 love Story

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This is the love story of a indian boy maneet and his pakistani girlfriend Huda fell in love 4 year back and finally they got married this year 2016 in dubai.

Here is some picture how they got married..

This is the lovely couple Maneet from India and Huda from Pakistan.

According to BuzzFeed India , Maneet is Jain and Huda is Muslim who Love each other since four years and finally they decided to get married in dubai.


Huda And Maneet Love Story Better Than bollywood or lollywood love story..

Huda And Maneet parents did not accept their children will be marry with someone outside of their religion

huda and maneet parents..Source: The Wedding Filmer / Facebook

Both of their left their home for their true love..

hindo muslim marrySource: The Wedding Filmer / Facebook

Tears happened

huda-maneet-6Source: The Wedding Filmer / Facebook

But Wedding Without Parent Permission Is Not Easy? ? ? ??

but the wedding without parent permission is not easySource: The Wedding Filmer / Facebook

But lastly , the parents came to seeing their children how much the two loved each other


And Finally They Got Married in Dubai..

huda-maneet-10Source: The Wedding Filmer / Facebook

At last, True Love Won..? ? ?

huda-maneet-9Source: The Wedding Filmer / Facebook

Video Here : Huda From Pakistan And Maneet From India..

Best Of Luck Huda And Maneet..

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