Nusrat Ara a.k.a Bil Batori From Ainak Wala Jin Is ill And Needs Our Help..



If your birth in ’90 century  you never forgot classic drama serial ainak wala jinn and, remember Bil Batori , Of course you know. Ainak wala jinn is one of the best drama serial on PTV channel.

Ainak Wala Jin was the classic and amazing drama serial that we watched in ’90 century in our childhood.It was one of the entertaining drama to nurture our childhood and realize us what is entertainment,we definitely appreciate this drama.

Twenty four years years ago the culture classic aired. Now , characters specially ” Bil Batori ” unforgettable for us.But have we thought what happened with the Nusrat a.k.a Bil Batori after drama serial Ainak Wala Jin ?

Now we realize the state of Begum Nusrat Ara, The actress Begum Nusrat Ara a.k.a Bil Batori is fighting to survive. She lives a life in a destroy state and hopelessly no one helped her before.

Nusrat Begum go through a paralysis attack a short time ago. It affected her legs and she was admitted to Sir Gangga Ram Hospital in Lahore.The doctors checked her and discharged ,handing out a instruction.She waited for help, but unfortunately no one came to help her.


Nusrat Begum Ara Has take step to told about her life, She said,” walking has injured my feet. I do not have a home to live.I just wish someone could do about arranging me a house.”

Here Is  A Video Nusrat Bgum, Bil Batori Telling Her Story:

Nusrat Ara a.k.a Bil Batori After Coming In To News People React In A Beautiful Way Which Will Make You Happy Check Some Tweets We Collect For You..


We hope that she recovers from her poor health and finds shelter,peace, support and love from all of us.

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