Men Are Claimed these 7 Things that Make Women Tharki !

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I think, women tharki like men,yes this is fact, women do pondee. Before I list the common reasons of tharak and pondee.I need to clear that women are here,because majority of these do it very sensitively,unlike men , haha.

Here Is The List Of Things That Men Are Claimed Make Women Tharki !

1. Men Dressing Style..


Women love dressing.When it comes to shopping and clothes for themselves, they get crazy .

2. His Muscles..


The desi men do not interest to make muscles,but it is universal truth that girls like men with muscles and it is fact that we attract when we see a manly boy.

3. When Boys Buy Girls Food

A smart boy once said, ” Way to win the woman’s heart is when you get the food for him “.


Women will go definitely tharkee for you. I assure.

4. His Smile..


5.His Heavy Perfume..

6. Her Facial Style..

men facial

7. His Hairstyle..


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