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Men Are Claimed these 7 Things that Make Women Tharki !

I think, women tharki like men,yes this is fact, women do pondee. Before I list the common reasons of tharak and pondee.I need to clear that women are here,because majority of these do it very sensitively,unlike men , haha.

Here Is The List Of Things That Men Are Claimed Make Women Tharki !

1. Men Dressing Style..

fawad khansource:mesnxp.com

Women love dressing.When it comes to shopping and clothes for themselves, they get crazy .

2. His Muscles..

men musclessource:theberry.com

The desi men do not interest to make muscles,but it is universal truth that girls like men with muscles and it is fact that we attract when we see a manly boy.

3. When Boys Buy Girls Food

A smart boy once said, ” Way to win the woman’s heart is when you get the food for him “.

women tharkisource:sharegif.com

Women will go definitely tharkee for you. I assure.

4. His Smile..

men smilesourse:giphy.com

5.His Heavy Perfume..


6. Her Facial Style..

men facial stylesource:giphy.com

7. His Hairstyle..

men hairstylesource:tenor.co

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