This Food Stall In Karachi Has An Interesting Name And The Internet Absolutely Crazy


A few days ago, someone made a picture of a Food Stall in Karachi and posted on social media. And then this picture went viral on social media and people response was so interesting.

Food Stall short name is L.P.C located at Ayesha Manzil in Karachi and full name of this Food Stall is “Long potatoes chips.

LPC shopsource: facebook

An Internet user Commenting on this name and said that, “whoever thought this name he have indeed a dirty mind. How can it be that, he does not know what that means?”

fbcommentsource: facebook

Some people made joke and said that, this name shows that owner of the restaurant is absolutely “farigh”.

fbcomment6source: facebook

But he noted the other side and criticized those who made immoral meanings and said, “problem is not in name, problem is in our minds, we take everything interpreted wrongly. “

fbcomment3source: facebook

And also see this crazy comment..

fbcomment5source: facebook

And Someone told his friend also have same name..

fbcomment4source: facebook

Would you go to this Food Stall?

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