See This Karachi Girl Reduce 30kg Weight In 8 Months To Do The Same Inspiring Others..

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Nowadays different social media shows enriching videos that tell us that we love ourself. And then we examine our body by watching these inspiring videos. In Pakistan people dosn’t take the body then feel shame and we are damaging our health and emotion. And relative always comments fat in our body and then we feel degrade.

This Karachi girl Have Decided And Turned  It  Into  Motivation.

Maria is a 23 year old and has completed her bachelor degree in computer science from Karachi.She is a real influence for those who has overweight and shaming themselves and for those who is combating to lose weight .



Everyone gave me bitter comments , judgemental looks and disgraceful behavior crush my confidence.Then I decide to avoid social gatherings and i doesn’t face anyone so i hide myself in my home.Maria share her experience about weight problems and what  people comments on it .

I was not only combating with over weight also the negative behavior in a family where everyone was degrading me.  I have face a lot of negative remark from my relatives, friends and every other people in my family introduced me to.

My weighed was 104kg When I Started My Journey on February 3,2016.

I started into a fitness routine and after forty days i lose 8 kg weight.



After Five Months Of Non Stop Hard Work , My Weight Is 70 kg.

Now I am able to achieve this through regular exercise and clean Supplements.


People who commented on me have overweight. Now same people comment that how I am worked too hard. That people should stop now , And  I look fine now.

Maria says that people have a bad habit of commenting or remarking without sympathy. They will be never happy or satisfied in any way. So keep going which you are like and let others say  what they  want,they never come between you and you goal.


I feel more self-assured, And I feel at pacification and I feel appreciative! Women and girls meet me and tell me their combat or struggle and how I changed their aspect. They look what I have obtained and want to follow my suite.

The story of Maria is truly is a motivation for us. Girls , keep on doing you , And not imported how big or small you are , no one have a right to degrade you for your body .
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