Faryal Makhdoom Wife Of Amir Khan’s Shocking Pictures Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong!

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Faryal Makhdoom is a pakistani american girl.She is 25 year old and born in New yark city united state and her nationality is Pakistan and America.She is Spouse of popular boxer amir khan.

At the time of marriage with aamir khan she was 22 year old and she looked very beautiful at that time.He had a lovely smile,beautiful eye  and looked like a pretty doll.After her marriage she made a Youtube channel. Where she shared tips about her fitness and beauty secrets with women and young girls.

Faryal Makhdoom’s conflict with her in-laws.

After two years, began conflict between Faryal Makhdoom and in-law.Faryal Makhdoom the wife of world best boxer took stand amir’s family and shared some statement on her official social media accounts.She impeachment to her in-law that they continuously abused and harassed her and She shared strong statement on her official social media accounts..

Before And After Picture Faryal Makhdoom’s Plastic Surgery.

Few days ago Faryal was invited to speak about conflict with her in-law. When this program Broadcast on screen, Fans of Faryal Makhdoom were shocked to see her new look. Hundreds of people who were fans of Faryal’s beauty and cute looks were disappointed by her new look. and talk about her natural look that natural look is so beautiful than this.

Faryal Makhdoom Pictures Before Plastic Surgery.

faryal makhdoom before pic1via:facebook

faryal makhdoom before pic3via:facebook

faryal makhdoom with amirvia:pinterest

Faryal Makhdoom Pictures After Plastic Surgery.




In these Pictures after and before surgery we clearly see tht there is a so different before and after plastic surgery pictures.

Plastic Surgery Video Of Faryal Makhdoom.

In video you can see Faryal Makhdoom getting lip and cheek job by her surgeon. She was get the injection on er cheecks 30 time. Watch the video here..

Faryal makhdoom’s brother and sister make fun of her and calling her Michael Jackson..

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