OMG Shocking Arshad Khan Goodbye To Showbiz World And Going Back To his Dhaba

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Arshad khan touching the heights as the ‘chaiwala’ on social media has said goodbye to showbiz world.

From a worldwide popular picture, Arshad Khan very best start of his career, he walked on the ramp, participated in numerous shows and music videos in acting too and Arshad Khan’s new music video ‘ Beparwai ‘, has released.Remember Muskan Jay singer and actress from Lahore signed Arshad Khan in her music video and this song has released and many people complained to his hot shots with Muskan jay and before he had said that he would only do ” Gairat waly kaam “.But…

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And after this video song ‘beparwai’ Arshad Khan apologises to his flowers and fans on Ary news and his word are : ” Bs wo samaj nahi ata mazarat chahta hun apnay chahnay waalo se ke wo jo tasweeray me ne banayien hein galat banayei hein aayinda kay bad is tarah ki koi tasveray nahi ayein gien”

See this video interview in which Arshad Khan apologizing to his fans:

And now there is a news that Arshad khan goodbye to showbiz industry. According to the Express Tribune,  Arshad Khan’s manager said that after his new musical video, his family and close associates have expressed their dismay, causing enough pressure to keep them away from the showbiz world.

Arshad khan’s manager said that after the turn away from showbiz, he will work on the bistros of tea in Islamabad again.However, Arshad Khan intend to make a career in the profession of a journalist because this is not a problem of their families.


 It is funny , the way this whole episode has folded. The progress life is deemed to ‘beghairat’ life while living in poverty life is thought to be more honor.

And Here is a video that upload on express news official..

Arshad khan quits to showbiz world..

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