Arshad Khan And Muskan Jay New HoT Video Song ‘ Beparwai ‘ Has Released.

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The year 2016 proved to be good for someone else or not, But was the best for Arshad Khan, who was reached the heights of fame with the tea stall from a picture of Islamabad.

From a worldwide popular picture Arshad Khan very best start of his career, he walked on the ramp, participated in numerous shows and music videos in acting too and Arshad Khan’s new music video ‘ Beparwai ‘, has released.Remember Muskan Jay singer and actress from Lahore signed Arshad Khan in her music video..

This song Noor Jahan songs, was impressed by ‘ Teri Beparwai ‘.The song’s video was released on social media, which Arshad Khan demonstrate their skills in well manner.Muskan Jay told while talking to sheikhspeare that Arshad Khan sign because for the people they want to see today is immense demand.

Here is the official video of Beparwai Video Song ..Arshad Khan And Muskan Jay New Song..

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